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This gorgeous 23 year old eclectus parrot presented to AREPH as her owners had concerns when she was quiet, inappetent, weak and her crop felt big. The crop is the first part of a bird's digestive system and is used for storage of food while on the go, interestingly not all birds have a crop. Several tests…
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Mr Cocky the cockatoo survives being shot fives times

This unfortunate cockatoo recently came into AREPH after a good Samaritan found him in their backyard and unable to fly. After a physical examination it was noticeably evident that his left wing had a reduced range of motion. Much to the shock of the hospital, radiographs revealed a total of 5 bullets from two different…
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Blue Tongue Lizard

The Eastern Blue Tongue Lizard is one of the most well known lizards in Australia, but did you that that contrary to their name, the Blue Tongue Lizard is actually from the skink family? Skinks are found in woodlands and grasslands areas but feel just at home in urban and suburban backyards. This means that…
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