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Blue-tongue lizard leg amputation

Meet “Randal” a Blue-tongue lizard who recently visited AREPH as he had a trauma from a suspected cat or dog attack. Blue-tongue lizards are common in suburban backyards and are often predated by cats or chased by dogs. Randal was admitted to hospital and underwent treatment for several puncture wounds around his head and a…
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Missy the Magpie and her sore toe

Meet “Missy” a wild juvenile Magpie who recently visited AREPH after being found in the middle of the road. Missy had a superficial laceration on her right foot and some trauma to her wings. X-rays were taken, and unfortunately, Missy had broken her third toe (see x-ray). Did you know that the third toe in…
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Egg retention

Did you know it is relatively common for reptiles to become egg bound during laying? Egg binding also referred to as egg retention or dystocia, is when all or part of the clutch remains stuck in a female’s reproductive tract. There are many reasons a reptile might become egg bound, including improper husbandry, oversized eggs,…
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Do you know this Galah?

A very friendly Galah came into AREPH on the 8th October 2019. She was found by a member of the public getting attacked from some Ravens. The Galah had severe wounds on both her wings and tail, we cleaned out the superficial wounds, but she had severe damage to her left wing which needed to…
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