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Our vets have a special interest in reptiles. We can help with all aspects of preventive care and treatment to ensure that your much love reptilian stays happy and healthy.

Our vets have the skills and medical equipment to care for snakes (pythons and elapids), lizards (e.g. dragons, goannas, geckos) and turtles.

Your reptile should have a check up at least once a year to ensure preventable diseases are caught early.

Things to look out for that may indicate your reptile is sick and in need of veterinary assessment include:

  • an increase or decrease in activity including less climbing, more hiding and excessive digging
  • changes in the animal’s colour including pale gums
  • changes in feeding habits
  • changes in the frequency, colour and/or consistency of urine or faeces
  • swelling of joints such as the tail and digits
  • lumps, bumps, blisters, scabs or bruises
  • excessive water soaking
  • increase in aggression
  • change in normal shedding behaviour
  • holding its mouth open (gaping) for long periods of time
  • lesions or soft spots on the shell (turtles)
  • limping
  • tremors and shakiness.

If your reptile is showing any of the signs about and you have checked it is not an issue with its environment (eg. temperature, access to food and water, other pets scaring your reptile etc), then it is important to get your reptile to the vet as soon as possible.

**Please ensure you advise the clinic before bringing in a venomous snake**

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