General consultations

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New animal health checks

Rabbit with carrot

We recommend a new animal health check when you obtain a new pet. The check will allow our veterinarians to ensure your animal is healthy, give them required vaccinations and record basic information that can be used for comparison purposes should your animal’s health status change.

The check will include a physical examination to detect minor abnormalities or preventable diseases before they become serious.

If required, our staff can also provide information on a range of general care topics including housing requirements, dietary recommendations, and the behavioural traits of your new family member.

Blood tests, faecal tests or other testing may be recommended to evaluate the status of your pet, and our team can also determine, or confirm, the sex of your animal.

Annual health checks
We recommend a yearly examination to ensure the long term health of your pet.

During the examination, our vets can establish the changing trends and requirements of your pet as they mature from young to youths and into adults, middle age and elderly animals.

Testing may be carried out on various body functions such as the liver and kidneys to detect preventable illnesses early, before they become serious.

Where required, vaccinations will also be given during the annual check. For example, rabbits will receive a yearly calicivirus vaccination to prevent them contracting the potentially deadly calicivirus.

Behavioural consultations
Although your pet may be fine health wise, their behaviour may not be what it should be.

Our vets can investigate and develop management plans for a wide range of behavioural issues.

Many behavioural problems can be brought on by hormonal imbalances. Our vets can prescribe hormonal treatments to correct such behaviours, if required.

Although some issues can be corrected easily, complex problems may require several visits.

Multiple animal management
AREPH can help you manage your bird, reptile or small mammal collections.

We can do large scale screening tests and assist with management plans to ensure your entire collection of animals stay healthy.

This service can include quarantine strategies, health and hygiene protocols, multiple housing issues, breeding problems and parasite control.