Medical care

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Sick and injured animals
If your pet is ill or has an injury, one of our vets will need to see your animal as soon as possible to diagnose the problem and start treatment.

Small animals often have a fast metabolic rate and therefore can get very sick, very quickly. Call for an appointment as soon as you suspect there is something wrong.

Just like us, animals can suffer from a huge array of illnesses and injuries and these problems require experienced and committed veterinary care.

Procedures when treating a sick animal may include injections, assisted feedings, wound debriding and dressing, medications, fluid therapy, transfusions, nebulization, oxygenation, grooming, nail and wing clipping, bathing and bandaging, just to name a few.

Each species and each medical problem requires a tailored solution. Our highly trained vets are able to work through each individual situation.

Visit our animal pages to learn about symptoms that may indicate your animal needs to see a vet:

Dental care
Dental care is a key factor for your pet’s health. If your pet is having difficulty in eating it can lead to a whole range of issues not just weight loss.

We provide corrective and preventative care including cleaning, shaping and extractions in rodents, guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets, as well as corrective shaping of birds beaks which can be required from time to time.

Investigating why these issues have occurred is a key component of good dental care so that correct diet, behaviours and routines can be established to help prevent future re-occurrences. Our vets will discuss these issues with you and develop a plan for your pet.