Helping our wildlife

Just a handful (literally one handful in some cases) of the hundreds of wildlife cases we treat at AREPH each year

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Our precious wildlife face many treats from climate change, habitat lose and motor vehicle collisions. Here are just a few simple things you can do to help our wildlife:

  • Be vigilant on our roads – Keep an eye out for native animals on our roads especially around dawn, dusk and at night when many of our native animals are active
  • Put up a nest box – Natural tree hollows used by native animals for shelter and nesting take upwards of 100 years to form. Putting up a nest box in a tree in your backyard can provide a ready-made home for native birds, possums, gliders or bats. If you don’t have your own backyard, why not encourage your school or workplace to put up a box
  • Provide water sources – all animals need water and this is especially true during hot temperatures when many animals are susceptible to heat stress. You can help by leaving water bowls out during hot weather, or why not consider installing a permanent bird bath or pond. Just make sure you place the water source in an open space where the animal can see predators coming.
  • Put in trees and plants for food and shelter – native plants and trees are a source of food and shelter for many wild animals. For example in the case of birds, dense bushy shrubs provide shelter for little birds and tall trees such as eucalypts are ideal shelter for larger birds.

If you would like to support AREPH’s work in treating sick and injured wildlife, you can make a donation at There is no minimum, every little bit counts and donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Download our AREPH donation form.