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We love providing Koala healthcare for our native wildlife

That’s why we were happy to oblige when Prince came for his koala health check! Health checks for koalas in care help assess readiness for release, detect health issues requiring treatment, and allow tagging and microchipping for population monitoring. To keep him chilled out, Prince underwent a short anaesthetic, allowing us to age him (did…
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Meet Ellie, the eastern long-necked turtle

Ellie was rescued by a concerned member of the public who found her on a roundabout with a broken shell and brought her into AREPH. Ellie was immediately assessed on arrival and given pain relief. She was xrayed to rule out any severe shell or skeletal damage. Luckily for her, the only damage was a…
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Tawny frogmouth

This little guy came to AREPH after it was discovered he was unable to fly when wildlife carers attempted to return it to the wild. A physical examination and radiographs done by the AREPH team revealed a fracture of the left ulna which was keeping the bird grounded. Fractures this close to a joint can…
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Oh why did the turtle have to cross the road?

Eastern Long Necked Turtle feed and thrive in the water, but have also evolved to be able to travel overland for large distances to nest and make the most of recently flooded water bodies. Although this ability to venture can help them to survive drought and changing weather conditions, when roads lie in their path,…
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