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Tawny frogmouth

This little guy came to AREPH after it was discovered he was unable to fly when wildlife carers attempted to return it to the wild. A physical examination and radiographs done by the AREPH team revealed a fracture of the left ulna which was keeping the bird grounded. Fractures this close to a joint can…
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Oh why did the turtle have to cross the road?

Eastern Long Necked Turtle feed and thrive in the water, but have also evolved to be able to travel overland for large distances to nest and make the most of recently flooded water bodies. Although this ability to venture can help them to survive drought and changing weather conditions, when roads lie in their path,…
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Dystocia is a common problem in female chelonians (tortoises and turtles) and is defined as difficulty in passing eggs. Female turtles can produce eggs even when males are not present. Dystocia most commonly occurs due to lack of an appropriate nesting site, inappropriate environmental temperature, poor diet, or diseases of the reproductive system. Signs that…
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Meet the Vet – Dr Petra Schnitzer

Petra graduated at the University of Vienna, and after training in birds and exotics, she went on to complete externships in northern Italy and Brazil. Petra then worked as a vet at the Loro Parque (Tenerife, Spain) which has the most extensive parrot collection in the world before heading back to Northern Italy, where she…
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