Blue Tongue Lizard

The Eastern Blue Tongue Lizard is one of the most well known lizards in Australia, but did you that that contrary to their name, the Blue Tongue Lizard is actually from the skink family?

Skinks are found in woodlands and grasslands areas but feel just at home in urban and suburban backyards. This means that they are often the victims of motor vehicle accidents, lawn mower injuries and can easily be attacked by domestic pets.

Due to how the rib cage covers the animal’s internal organs, they usually survive the initial trauma and escape. However depending on the injury, it can leave the lizard weakened and unable to move properly and the wounds may become infected.

This little guy came into the AREPH with a wound on his right leg and had lost function of both back legs. X-rays revealed there was no fractures or breaks and after a thorough physical exam he was treated with antimicrobials, pain relief along with fluids and supportive care. He may have a long road to recovery with the help of the AREPH team and donations from the public he should make a full recovery.

Fun fact: Did you know that blue tongue lizards give birth to love young!

Written be Benjamin Chen - Final Year Veterinary Student, The University of Sydney

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