Do you know this Galah?

A very friendly Galah came into AREPH on the 8th October 2019. She was found by a member of the public getting attacked from some Ravens. The Galah had severe wounds on both her wings and tail, we cleaned out the superficial wounds, but she had severe damage to her left wing which needed to be amputated.

She is currently stabilised with pain relief, antibiotics and supportive care. She has been a little bit naughty, picking on her wounds and not allowing them to heal, hence she has a temporary cone on her head. The Galah appears very friendly and interactive, she loves her head being scratched,  knows how to give kisses, head bob and dance and,  is very comfortable sitting on someone's shoulder.  She has such a beautiful, tamed and interesting nature that we believe she may have been lost from a well-loved home. If you know where this beautiful bird may be from please contact us, as she’d love to be home!

Written by Sarah K Orpin – Final Year Veterinary Student, The University of Sydney.

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