Mr Cocky the cockatoo survives being shot fives times

This unfortunate cockatoo recently came into AREPH after a good Samaritan found him in their backyard and unable to fly. After a physical examination it was noticeably evident that his left wing had a reduced range of motion. Much to the shock of the hospital, radiographs revealed a total of 5 bullets from two different rifles! One of the lead bullets was merely millimetres away from his left eye. To say he is one lucky bird is an understatement. As the bullets are not causing any major trauma to his vital organs, and may not cause any long term problems, they will be left in place for now. For now, Mr Cocky is enjoying his daily physiotherapy to increase his range of motion so that he may one day be released and given a second chance at life.

In NSW, cockatoos are a protected species under the Biodiversity Conservation Act of 2016. The penalty for shooting a cockatoo in NSW is up to $22,000 and a 5 year jail sentence. If you see someone partaking in such acts, please call the RSPCA on 1300 CRUELTY

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